Email Archiving from Direct Connect’s Hosting Services helps preserve information, facilitation compliance, and speed eDiscovery that’s fast, scalable and secure.

How Email Archiving helps to preserve, protect and recover your email.

It’s scalable

Even smaller firms can often generate millions of emails. Email archiving means paying only for the mailboxes you need as you grow.

  • Replicated via eight data center copies four at most for others
  • Capture across virtually all devices
  • Includes Exchange, imaP and POP
  • Unlimited storage capacity and linear scalability
  • Full indexing and extraction of 500+ file types (attachments)
  • Ultra-fast data ingestion and searching across millions of emails
It’s secure

The keys to compliance and eDiscovery mandates are record authenticity and preservation. Email archiving helps protect from loss, corruption, damage or misuse.

  • FIPs-certified AES 256-bit encryption of stored data
  • Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest
  • WORM-compliant tamper-proof media
  • FISMA-compliant geo-replicated datacenters
  • No co-mingling of data—data is stored in individual customer silos to prevent corruption
  • Data resiliency assures the integrity of your stored emails
It’s searchable

Email archiving helps ensure your messages are available to quickly search, identify, and recover.

  • 3 different search methods + advanced full-text indexing
  • Identify content with tagging tools & search inside attachments
  • Implement legal or compliance holds
  • Categorize results before exporting
  • Recover messages back to administrator’s mailbox in seconds
  • Search across millions of emails in every mailbox in your account within seconds
It’s easy to setup and use

For both users and administrators, Email Archiving offers an easy-to-use integrated experience.

  • Access admin and searching features
  • Grant different levels of accessibility and permissions
  • No hardware or software licenses to buy
  • Build reports based on archive activity
  • Keep records immutably stored regardless of any attempts to alter or delete them
  • Extend end-user archive access through our online